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The Bear, the Snake and Their Confused Waters 2011

Long, long ago, there was great confusion on Earth. The elements constantly aroused storms and floods. The land and the oceans were changing their shapes.
One day unexpectedly a great calm turned up - apparently someone decided that the globe had reached perfection. The winds hid in deep caves, and the waters calmed down.
The sun was shining strongly, heating the Earth's surface, but as the shining was uneven, some of the seas were hot and others cold.
There was a small and lazy snake who loved the tropical regions. He was spending hours enjoying the view of the sun's rays. Although he was little he possessed an extraordinary power and he knew a lot about other animals living on Earth.
The arctic waters were inhabited by a white polar bear. The bear lived all alone. He did not know his parents, he was not even sure if they existed. But birds flying over his head sang out that they had seen his mother, very far away though.
The bear loved heavy snow and very cold weather. That is why he never even thought about leaving the place where he had been born.
One day the elements hidden in the caves went free from the mysterious bonds. They wanted only a little frolic, but they aroused a wild typhoon, which mixed up all the waters and lands on Earth.
Unexpectedly the snake was situated in the area of eternal snow.
The poor thing was not quite prepared for such conditions and sure he would have died from the cold, but fortunately he noticed the polar bear passing by.
- Please help me, my body is pretty stiff, my tail cannot move any longer, I do not know what to do - said the snake.
The bear was very much startled as he first saw such a strange writhing creature. At first he did not know how to help, but eventually he found a way.
- Wrap yourself around my thick fur and I will go toward the warmth - said the bear firmly, forgetting that previously he dared not even think about leaving his home. They walked for a long time, and when they reached less cold regions, they suddenly noticed a golden box floating on the ice floe. The bear easily came close to the box and looked into it. Inside he saw great, colorful jewels. The snake and the bear were very happy at that sight and began to seek a place in which to hide the treasure.
On the river full of ice floes, however, it was difficult for them to find shelter, so they decided to go to sleep and take care of explorations in the morning.
When well-slept they were having breakfast, they saw a small hill at the foot of which the treasure could be safely hidden.
The bear was walking with the box under his arm toward the hiding place, when suddenly a shiny little ball appeared over their heads. It was a miniature meteorite that had came from another planet.
The little ball said quietly but firmly:
- My name is Mimi. Please give the treasure back, it belongs to my family.
The bear made a very surprised face, but the snake did not want to listen about giving the treasure back. He wrapped his little body around the golden box and stopped moving.
But Mimi did not cease to insist.
It kept on asking so persistently that eventually the snake said:
- Well, I will give you this box, but please come closer - craftily he tried to encourage the snake.
When Mimi approached, the snake opened the lid of the box and trapped the shiny ball.
He acted like a cheat.
- You mustn't do something like that - the bear said firmly. - Let Mimi out immediately.
The snake was very upset when he heard this, he gathered all his strength, and as he was very strong he also stuffed the bear to the chest of jewels.
Self-satisfied he wrapped himself around the treasure and went to sleep.
When he woke up in the morning he was all shaking. It was snowing all around, and his body was getting paralysed.
- If you do not start swimming quickly toward the warm waters, you will surely die - he heard the voice of a passing-by fairy.
Although the snake's behaviour had not been best, the fairy spoke to him with love.
The snake really wanted to run away with the box under his arm, but he wasn't able to carry the box with the treasure, the bear and Mimi inside.
- Save me one more time - asked the snake, letting the bear out of the box.
- Well - said the bear calmly. - But under three conditions; you will let Mimi go, give her the treasure, and ... – here he stopped for a while – you will take me to my family.
The snake wished to save his life, so he quickly fulfilled the first two wishes of the bear, and then they both set off. The snake could talk to the flying birds so quickly he learned which way they should go.
They walked for many days until they reached the forest where a small hut stood in a clearing.
- Your mother lives here, but she cannot go out to see you- explained the snake - You can only talk to her through the closed shutters.
The polar bear was inconsolable.
- I wandered for so many days ... And now I actually do not know how to talk to her. I have not seen her since the day I was born.
He thought for a moment, then he stood at the closed green shutters of the old house and said quietly:
- Mom, do you remember me?
- Of course I do remember you, I have waited here for you - said his mother in a sad voice. - My son, I have been trapped here, that's why I could not come to you. I'm so glad that you have found me.
But the bear shook his head.
- I want to see you, I have to see you – he kept on going around the house nervously and anxiously trying to find the way inside.
- This is not possible at the moment. Go back to your land and try to count your breaths until the time comes – the woman tried to calm him down.
Ten more times the polar bear made sure that the house cannot be entered. He lowered his head and returned to his land very thoughtful.
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